On The Anxieties of Evidence in VAR & DRS, with Daisy Christodoulou, Jonathan Wilson & Daniel Norcross

A podcast conversation

In February 2020,  Daisy, Jonathan and Daniel came on the podcast to discuss DRS and VAR. A year later, they are back to reflect on the developments in both during the past year. The conservation is about the anxieties of evidence in VAR & DRS. 

How to watch sports in the age of VAR/DRS? How does evidence work? Does the fact the evidence is produced in disciplined fashion (through measurement, and not just observation - (for example: consider the difference between what's available to the TV umpire on outside edges via RTS/UltraEdge/HotSpot, and what's available to the TV umpire on low catches) entail that spectators need to at least understand the difference between these two types of evidence and their possibilities? Is there an appetite for spectators to understand this? And if such an appetite is limited, then does VAR/DRS have a chance in the long run?

Daniel could not join us for this episode. He is a friend of the podcast, and he has made both episodes of this particular conversation possible.

Our conversation from February 2020

Daniel Norcross is a cricket commentator with the BBC's Test Match Special @norcrosscricket

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Jonathan Wilson is a sports writer and reporter for The Guardian. He tweets @jonawils

I tweet @cricketingview

This episode was recorded on April 12, 2021.

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