Over the years I’ve contributed essays about cricket to ESPNCricinfo, The Cricket Monthly, The Hindu & Scroll. I’ve learnt that it is difficult to find something interesting to write about on a regular basis, be it once a week, or once a month.

This substack is meant to be for irregular essays and notes about matters which might arise in the cricket that I watch, or in the T20, Test and ODI match records that I collect and study.

The essays will be free to read for the foreseeable future. I have set up an option for readers to pay. However, I do not foresee circumstances in which I will restrict anything I write for paying readers only.

I typically share essays, notes or articles which I publish to my Twitter account. I have a Threads accounts as well. If you would prefer to receive them in your email, please subscribe to this substack by clicking on the button below.

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